2019 Monthly Newsletters

2019 Monthly Newsletters


June 2019

May was a very busy and hot month. We encountered a bit of a dry spell here in NC.  Harvesting was fast and furious as we tried to beat the heat of the day and watering also became a key part of our daily routine.  The hot weather was a blessing in some ways as certain varieties of flowers grew vigorously; however, it looks like certain varieties of weeds were growing faster which kept us on our toes.

May 2019

Greetings from STILL WATERS FARM AND GARDENS.  Warmer Spring weather is here and activities around the farm have shifted into high gear. Every day is a full day filled with all sorts of tasks like starting seeds, weeding beds, transplanting seedlings, watering and harvesting.

April 2019

Now that Spring has officially begun, our flowers are beginning to awake and really start growing. The month of March was a month brimming with an abundance of activities, keeping us busy almost every day. The first major accomplishment of the month was the startup of our flower cooler. We continued to prepare our planting areas, focusing on our summer garden where we plan to grow our Dahlias and newly arrived Lisianthus.

March 2019

Who is ready for some drier weather?  Like most of the country, we have been having a very wet winter. In some ways, this is a good situation to have because it forces us to take care of the many indoor projects that have been piling up like sorting seed packets, planning out future beds and ordering supplies for the year. But for a flower farm, too much rain is not a pleasant happening as it makes a muddy mess when trying to prepare fields and plant new trees and shrubs.

February 2019

January 2019 has flown by and this slower time of the year will soon be behind us. Over the past month, we have been spending much of our time keeping watch over the fields of ranunculus, anemones and other hardy annuals. Rain and high winds have been keeping us on our toes. Now as February is about to begin, it looks like extreme temperature changes may be another challenge we face in protecting the sprouting plants and flowers from freezing temperatures at night.

This is the first edition of a monthly newsletter to share what is happening here at STILL WATERS FARM AND GARDENS located in Hickory, NC. See some of our highlights from 2018 and learn what we are doing on the farm.