June 2019 Newsletter

 June 2019 Newsletter

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May was a very busy and hot month. We encountered a bit of a dry spell here in NC.  Harvesting was fast and furious as we tried to beat the heat of the day and watering also became a key part of our daily routine.  The hot weather was a blessing in some ways as certain varieties of flowers grew vigorously; however, it looks like certain varieties of weeds were growing faster which kept us on our toes. The days were long with our outside tasks being focused early in the day (after the first cup of coffee) and then late (sometimes with the help of lights) into the evening, avoiding the heat of the day. One of these late day activities was planting out the remaining perennials and willows. With this recent dry spell, our ground seems to have taken on the consistency of concrete, making the digging much more involved and quite challenging (no complaining here) leading to some serious sweating (did we mention how very hot it has been).  We hope you enjoy this update from our farm.


Edible Flowers 🌸

Did you know that certain flowers are more than just a pretty centerpiece for a dinner table? Some varieties can be used to actually decorate the plate that is on the dinner table. These “Edible” flowers come in all sorts of colors and make an expressive statement when added to an entrée, bowl of soup, salad, dessert 🍰 or your favorite beverage 🍹.  In addition to the splash of color from garnishing with edible flowers 🌸, some flowers can provide a nice touch of flavor to the taste of the food.  Our current seasonal edibles include Dianthus, Bachelor Buttons, Lavender and Snapdragons.  

Later in the year, we are planning on offering Dahlias, Sunflowers, Anise Hyssop, Lemon Basil and Thai Basil.  All of our Edibles are seasonal fresh flowers 🌸 carefully harvested and prepared so you can add them directly to your next creation of culinary art 🍽.

If you are looking to try some good ol’ edible flowers, we have them available now or you can visit one of these  fine dining establishments who use our edible flowers: Highland Avenue (Hickory), Café Rule (Hickory), Harvest Moon Grille (Lincolnton) and Dot Dot Dot (Charlotte).

Bachelor Buttons

Bachelor Buttons





Focus Flower of the Month - Nigella

One of our favorite hardy annuals is the flower called Nigella or commonly known as “Love-in-a-Mist”.  The seeds are directly sown into the garden in the late fall. After overwintering, the new plants begin shooting up in the spring.  When Nigella is in full bloom, the fluffy looking blueish and white flowers and the fennel like foliage create a dreamy looking appearance in the garden. After the bloom period ends, the buds transform into seeds pods that vary in color from green to black.  The versatility of this flower as both a fresh and dried flower is one of its best qualities.  The blooms add an airy look to a fresh arrangement while their dried seed pods make an equally wonderful addition adding texture to floral creations.

Nigella  known as “ Love-in-a-Mist ”

Nigella known as “Love-in-a-Mist

Nigella  flowers in full bloom

Nigella flowers in full bloom

Nigella  “Black” seed pods

Nigella “Black” seed pods

Current Offerings – Seasonal Flowers by the Stem, in Arrangements, Bouquet 🌼 Subscriptions and Wearables

For June, here are a sampling of flowers available for sale by the stem or in a garden style arrangement designed with seasonal foliage:

Cosmos, Scabiosa, Strawflowers, Sunflowers plus some Hardy Annuals
*** We are anticipating having Lisianthus blooms soon depending on the weather we have for June ***

If you are looking for that unique gift for someone special, then consider our Bouquet Subscription. With the purchase of a subscription, you will receive a hand-crafted bouquet of the freshest flowers every week based on the length of the subscription you choose.

We also are offering custom designed Floral Wearables including boutonnieres, wrist corsages and ring corsages. The designs can be personalized for color and the wearables can be coordinated if needed.

For more information about any of these items, please visit our online shop at www.stillwatersfarmandgardens.com.

Seasonal Mason Jar Arrangements

Seasonal Mason Jar Arrangements

Wearables  - Coordinated  Boutonniere  and  Wrist Corsage

Wearables - Coordinated Boutonniere and Wrist Corsage

Our Story

STILL WATERS FARM AND GARDENS is a family run flower farm and floral design studio situated in the Mountain View community of Catawba County. Our farm offers seasonal specialty cut flowers 🌼, foliages 🌾 and edibles 🌿 to florists, restaurants and supermarkets. We also offer lovely garden style bouquets and arrangements using flowers and greenery carefully selected and harvested fresh from our fields. Our products are available for purchase at our seasonal roadside Farm Stand and online* at www.stillwatersfarmandgardens.com. Though we are growing all year round, our flowers and arrangements are offered beginning in early Spring and ending in late Fall. 

Whether you are looking for a custom arrangement or several buckets of flowers, we look forward to serving your floral needs.

* – Available for delivery in Hickory, NC and surrounding areas